As a business owner, you know you need a custom building sign that matches your brand and helps your business get noticed. At Loumarc Signs, we love educating our customers on outdoor sign options to help them bring their vision to life. We care about getting the right sign to brand your business effectively without sending your blood pressure soaring. We’ll break down your sign options so you can purchase the best sign for your business.

Raceway Mounted Signs

If you’d like to have your company name on your building you have options! We can mount the letters on a raceway, mount the entire unit to your building and then connect the electricity. In the sign business, you’ll hear this type of metal lettering called “channel letters” and are usually internally lit so they can be seen at night. 

Our team builds the raceway and mount in our shop, so the cost of materials can be higher than the remote option below, but saves time and cost on the installation. 

Remote Mounted Signs

Another option for mounting your outdoor sign is remote channel letter mounting. The channel letters are individually secured directly to the wall of your building. A wire goes through the wall to the interior where we make remote connections to your source of electricity. Recently, this option has been very popular among NJ small businesses. 

The cost is similar to the option above but requires an extra step. Our team takes a site survey of your establishment to ensure we avoid mounting over a steel beam or have any other obstacles to prevent the installation.

24/7 Advertising

We business owners are well aware of the rising costs of advertising. But with mounted channel letters you guarantee an advertisement that is always working for you. Even better, you only pay for it once versus a monthly cost. Not only does your company stand out but you’re also spending smart promotion dollars. 

Custom Branding 

The beauty of lighted channel letters is that the possibilities are endless in terms of font, size, and color. It’s easy to mix and match these different variables to best suit your brand image. Plus, you’re not locked into a single typestyle, making lighted channel letter signs one of our most customizable solutions out there.

Business that Benefit

We’re proud to serve hundreds of the local businesses in the Hillsborough, New Jersey area. Just about every type of business from all industries benefit from mounting channel letter signs to their buildings: medical companies like urgent care and dentists, party rental companies, and clubs, as well as apartment complexes, salons, spas, bars, and churches. 

Best Time to Install

Plan ahead. The best time to install your mounted channel letter sign is during the sheetrock or drywall phase of your project. Logistically, it’s better for your company to allow our team to work ahead of time so if your retail store is opening, for example, we don’t want to install your sign over expensive products. The good news is Loumarc Signs has spent decades installing at all phases of small business opening and branding, so we’ll take care of you.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your project, give us a call at 908-575-4000 to discuss your options in further detail! We look forward to creating the perfect lighted channel letters that will help your brand stand out!

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