Thinking about scheduling a free consultation with Loumarc Signs?

You need to do something about your signage. That’s one thing you’ve decided. But you don’t know if you’re ready to talk. What does a meeting entail? You’re not sure. And you’re seriously busy. There are always other responsibilities clamoring for your attention.

So you put off calling us.

But that means your signage isn’t doing you any favors.

So the question pops into your mind again: What does a meeting entail? Let’s answer that question now. Here is the nitty-gritty of what to expect and, when you’re ready, how you can prepare for our first meeting together.

What happens when you meet with a Loumarc Signs consultant?

We understand your hesitancy to sit down with a sign professional. You don’t want a sales pitch and you don’t want to spend more money than you need to.

We offer an alternative – where the focus is discovering the right sign for your budget to help your business in any of the following:

  • Attract new customers
  • Brand the business
  • Create impulse sales

At Loumarc Signs, our free consultation is an excellent first step in the process of getting your new sign. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to determine your signage needs with no pressure.

When you’re ready, the sign consultant will contact you by phone or email to set an appointment and share a mini-agenda. The meeting usually takes 45 minutes up to one hour. We can come to your location or meet with you at our roomy conference room in our Hillsborough, New Jersey, office.

During our meeting, we’re gathering information. We’ll be asking you questions to understand what you want your signage to help accomplish. We will take pictures and rough measurements. When we assess the location(s) of your new sign(s), we consider everyone’s perspective — your clients/customers, employees and people you hope to attract with visible signage. That’s when we tap into our knowledge of 20-plus years as sign industry experts. We know what signs are effective and ineffective. And we’ll share little known secrets with you about creating a beautiful sign.

Writing down any concerns you have is also helpful. Do you have an upcoming event and need the sign for a specific date? Are you wondering about how much money to set aside for a monument sign? Will a local sign regulation restrict you from displaying a large sign visible from a long distance? Go ahead and share your concerns with us. More than likely, we’ve handled issues like yours for other customers. You’ll be satisfied your issues will be addressed and your problems will be solved.

How can I prepare for a Loumarc Signs consultation?

We’ve found that the better planned you come to the meeting, the more likely your signage will fit precisely what you need. Now, if you’re the owner of a small company, the one who decides on the sign is probably you. But if you’re part of a medium or large-sized company, several people may collaborate on the decision. In that case, you’ll need to do the following:

  • From the beginning, identify who will be involved. Who needs to give input?
  • Gather the people involved and discuss your signage needs. Maybe you will be conferring with your financial vice president to decide how much money to budget. In another scenario, you’ve decided your signs are outdated and unattractive, so you’re looking for management’s input and to understand their preferences.
  • Prioritize your signage requirements. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest you talk with the sign consultant before the consultation. You may need to pin down some details before we meet.
  • Understand who will approve the project.

For every organization, here are some questions you should expect to answer:

  • Why do you need a sign?
  • What are your expectations of the sign? Reasons could be:
    • Improve visibility
    • Promote image and brand awareness
    • Increase store traffic
    • Help clients find their way around the property’s exterior or the interior of the building(s)
  • What’s your sign budget?
  • When do you need the sign?
  • What are some custom business signs you like? Why?
  • What are some custom business signs you dislike? Why?
  • What are your landlord’s requirements? (if applicable)

Here are some questions we recommend you ask:

  • Have you worked with businesses similar to mine?
  • What factors may influence the effectiveness of my sign and what do you recommend to address these factors?
  • Why are you qualified to handle my project?
  • How will you ensure my sign conforms to local regulations?
  • What is your process when working with customers?
  • What is the length of time I should expect from design approval to installation for the type of sign I’m considering?
  • Do you offer any guarantee?
  • Do you offer to manage the project so all I have to do is approve the design and pay for the sign, and you’ll take care of the rest?

Our Ten Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Sign Company is a handy guide to review as you form your questions.

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