In this world of startups and small businesses, competition is fierce. The tiniest detail can send customers flocking towards rival companies before you even realize what’s happened; if you’re unable to keep up with the times, you’ll end up discovering just how little separates success and profit from failure and loss.

As unlikely as it may sound, business signage is one of the most important factors when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competitors. Consider how powerful first impressions are: in a few short seconds, consumers can decide that your outdoor signs are too boring, too gaudy, or not of high enough quality, and will walk right on by instead of stepping inside. The outright lack of signs for businesses is even worse: 60% of people will be deterred from entering a business if there is no sign outside. To avoid this risk, let’s take a look at four best practices for designing custom signs for your business.

  • Keep it simple. Focus on the five-second rule when creating your sign — if it can’t be read within five seconds, it needs to be trimmed. You can achieve the maximum impact if you keep your information clear and concise.
  • Be selective with your wordage. Just like in journalism, the punchline on your sign matters. Try to think of something that is simple, yet packs a punch that will stay with anyone who reads it.
  • Follow the formula. There’s a routine in the industry of signage that you should stick to: headline, explanatory text, and call to action. Readers are used to this formula, so straying from it may mean that they’ll lose interest.
  • Set goals. Your call to action should be your goal. Whether you’re inviting people to a weekend sale, advertising a new product, or are trying a new marketing technique, it’s vital that you track its success.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t sweat it! Loumarc Signs is available to help your vision become reality. As long as you stick to the above practices to the best of your ability, finding the right sign store to bring your sign to life will be the easiest part of the process.

Larry Gliozzi

Larry Gliozzi founded Loumarc Signs. He as been in marketing and advertising since 1978. Loumarc Signs is a NJ custom sign shop in business for over 24 years. Once a customer approves the sign, Loumarc Signs handles the rest — from permits to plans, fabrication to installation.

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