Our clients often ask us, “How do I come up with a budget for my commercial sign?” While we believe it’s not only about the math, there are a few important factors that go into your sign’s budget that we take care of for you like permits and zoning fees, material costs, design fees, and installation. Here’s the secret we want every small business owner in New Jersey and the surrounding areas to know, whatever your budget is, we can deliver a high-quality sign! 

The Loumarc Difference

Start by telling us your budget! Why? We’re not here to force you to spend more money, when you tell us your price range we become your partner with your best interest in mind. We’re not going to talk you into more than you can spend, we will respect and honor your signage allowance. Budgets protect and keep your investment safe and allow us to reduce time wasted proposing design and production ideas that don’t make sense for your business. Loumarc Signs has been in the sign business for over 27 years! That means our reputation is on the line for every sign we deliver and every relationship we cultivate. Your needs – including your budget – are our top priority.

Value Engineering

If your style calls for a $15,000 sign but your budget is $5,000 the good news is you’re still going to get high-quality work! How? We don’t give you any less in quality, we value engineer your budget to make the sign you’ve been envisioning fit within your price range. Think of it like reverse engineering; by starting with the budget we can retrofit your ideas into reality. We will always provide you with something we’re personally proud of every single time.

Time Savings

The sooner we can identify what your business needs, the sooner we can deliver you a custom quote without needing to go back and forth on pricing. We won’t waste your time showing you materials, installations, and mock-ups that would only break the bank. You’re already busy enough running or launching your small business, you don’t need the hassle of the back and forth with your design team. Our trusted guidance has served many hundreds of our successful clients in nearly thirty years of business, we promise to give you that same direction and professionalism.

Discover the Difference!

You know you need a sign for your business, it’s critical to be visible and reflect your brand in town. We don’t expect you to know the nuances of getting the right sign: materials, branding, lighting, type of mount, what’s permitted in town, etc. We stake our reputation on delivering top-notch work built by a team of people with honesty and integrity. We look at your unique business and what industry you’re in whether you’re a corporation, retail business, doctor’s office, etc. We guide you appropriately for your individual business, for your specific budget, and advise you on the best materials, lighting, mounting, and more that are appropriate for your company. We’ll transform your hard-earned dollars into a  stunning sign that will last for decades. 

Let us know your budget so we can get your commercial sign started today! 

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