When it comes to business signage, few things make more of an impression than bright neon coloring. The lights are immediately captivating; they demand attention with their dazzling display and hold it for longer than a brief glance. The most common neon signs for businesses are the generic ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ script, but neon business signage is making a comeback, and is particularly popular among small businesses.

“I think because there’s a fresh appreciation of artisanal goods, and people with this instant gratification are appreciating slow process, handmade items, and neon is clearly one of those,” he said. In this digital age, smaller businesses want to craft a unique sign that matches their brand — one that stands out and is Instagram-worthy.

Neon custom signs were all the rage throughout the 20th century; the warm glow combined with soft humming just seemed to capture the eyes and hearts of Americans. Just think about Las Vegas: the iconic city has a museum dedicated to the bright and spectacular signage. With the advent of cheaper LED lights, however, neon took a backseat. According to Friedman, creating just one neon sign can take days; the classic look just couldn’t keep up with the new technology.

Despite this fact, smaller scale, specialty signs seem to be more popular than ever. Thomas Rinaldi, a historian who’s cataloged some of New York’s most iconic neon signs, thinks he knows why.

“People have really kind of seized, maybe more than ever in the last few years, on the kind of unique aesthetic of these exposed tube neon signs. And it’s become enormously desirable for restaurants, retail environments.”

The average consumer will see a business sign roughly 50 to 60 times per month if they live within a five-mile radius. By implementing the glow of neon into your company’s aesthetic, you are almost guaranteed to draw more attention. So, what are you waiting for? Put a little Vegas in your store and watch the people as people come in droves.

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