Outdoor signs are a must-have for companies that require visibility by walk-by, drive-by or stop traffic. Grabbing the attention of passers-by is accomplished through the installation of a “monument” sign. It’s a fancy term for any outdoor sign situated in the ground. You’ve seen them as you pass strip malls, retailers, auto stores, business malls, and more. Here is why your company needs one.

Influence and Brand Awareness

When your company stands out above the rest, people notice. Having a prominent monument sign can leave people feeling a sense of confidence and trustworthiness in your brand as you’ve taken the time to display it professionally. When consumers can see and recognize your logo or company name they know you want to be found. Plus, you’ll leave a lasting impression, and in the world of advertising every single instance a consumer sees your brand, they’re a step closer to a potential purchase. Wielding influence with your audience should be an integral part of your marketing and advertising strategy.

Directions and Visibility

Companies use free-standing monument signs for multiple purposes. One is to provide clear directions at the road or parking lot for customers to find their way. Another is to be able to display company information like hours, special offers, limited-time deals, and more. Some even use it to display holiday or time-sensitive updates and information. This works exceptionally well when the monument is paired with an LED message board for example. 

How to Order a Monument Sign

Monument signs sit on or just above the ground and are installed by digging holes based on the size of your sign and filling it with a concrete base. That means installing in the winter months can be much more difficult. So, the first step in ordering your monument sign is to consider the time of year. Installing in the Spring for example tends to be the perfect weather conditions. Also, consider when you need your sign to be completed as it pertains to your company’s schedule. Start the process now as it can take about three months or more to complete. Keep in mind there are several steps to this process, designing the sign, time for you as the client to provide feedback, permitting, production, and installation. Take a look at some of our client’s monument signs, here

By getting a monument sign, your company gets that professional look it needs and you increase your visibility with 24/7 advertising. If you’re in need of a ground-mounted monument or pylon sign and would like more details on this type of signage, give us a call at 908-575-4000. We can’t wait to create a sign for your New Jersey business!

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