Happy New Year! Before we say goodbye to 2018, we want to pause and take one more look back. Last year, we began publishing this blog. We shared useful, understandable information about custom business signage. But we’re calling this blog a CliffsNotesⓇ version of the knowledge we’ve learned through our experiences. Loumarc Signs has been a custom sign shop for over 24 years. It’s quite a distinction of longevity. Being in the sign business 24 years is an exception, not the norm.

So as we brainstorm what topics we’ll cover this year, please enjoy reading this summary of 2018 …

Preparing to Buy a Custom Business Sign

Swamped at work? Before you shop for the perfect business sign, start by reading this handy guide today so you can avoid wasting time. How to Prepare to Buy a Business Sign if You’re Busy.

Don’t do everything yourself. Here’s the nitty-gritty on how an experienced sign consultant can decrease your workload. What to Expect During Your Free Consultation.

Sign Selection

If you’ve never bought a custom business sign before, read 7 Steps to Getting a Business Sign of Your Dreams 

Are you upgrading your corporate business sign? We share 3 tips on How to Make a Custom Business Sign Stand Out on a Busy New Jersey Street.

Retail business owners: Attract more customers to your store with these 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Improving Business Sign Visibility. 

For all sign buyers, establish a sign budget faster in How Much Does an Exterior Sign Cost? 

A sign is the first element people see when they pass by your business. Getting People In The Door: Making A Noticeable Business Sign.

In choosing signage, learn what customers prefer by Reelin’ In The Customers: 4 Components Your Business Signage Should Have.


Did you begin looking for new signage and became discouraged by the hurdle of getting permits? Find the answers to How Long Does the Sign Permit Process Take and Other Frequently Asked Questions. 

Moving to a New Location

Ready to expand and move to a new place? Here are 3 steps on How to Get the Right Sign for Your New Business Location 


If you’re curious about the latest technology, read about how Personalized Advertising Takes Us Into The Future With Digital SignageOur entire company is devoted to making, installing and maintaining custom business signs in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

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Come back to our blog next month as we share more useful tips about signage because every month, we’re growing a little wiser.





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