When it comes to owning a business, no matter the trends and changes in advertising, one thing remains the same, signage is always imperative. With new challenges, opportunities and competitors constantly emerging, dominating your market is necessary. Standing out as the go-to brand in your industry for any brick and mortar establishment starts with your sign. Nearly 79% of consumers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and the product or service offered. 

What are you getting for your money?

Commercial signage is a tool. It’s a tool for advertising, communicating with your customers, and staying top of mind as the go-to brand for your demographic. It’s an investment that will outlast every new marketing platform and viral media fad. That’s what makes signs so valuable long term; they are the gift that keeps on giving back.

The Benefits of Commercial Signs

Increase in Brand Recognition – When customers see your sign, they become familiar with your logo and company name, which is essential for building your brand. When employees, customers, and leads can identify your logo, they feel more connected to your products, services, and mission.

Increase in Sales – According to an article from Forbes, around 7 out of 10 people spend over $50 when shopping in-store compared to around half of those shopping online. If a customer sees your sign while driving, they’re more likely to pull over and enter your business. An increase in foot traffic can dramatically affect sales.

Increases Employee Engagement – A professional sign and commercial facade can do more than you might realize! Signs help to increase employee engagement because they cultivate a sense of pride in your staff’s work. Happy employees are your number one best customer.

Helps to Attract New Customers – Nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. (FedEx)

How to Calculate the ROI of Commercial Signage

The ROI of your business’ sign is almost impossible to fully calculate. While you may be able to evaluate an increase in foot traffic and subsequent sales, you may never truly know the full impact of your sign. Unbeknownst to you, there may be hundreds of texts, phone calls, and messenger conversations between customers and their friends or family reminding them to swing by your store for something. Or, a potential customer may be lost looking for a store but find your sign instead – you just won business because your competitor was hard to find! Roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions, and profits, with an average increase of about 10%. (UC)

Commercial Signage is Worth the Investment

About 67% of the consumers surveyed said they had purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. (FedEx) Commercial signage is worth the investment if your goal is to grow your reach, increase sales, or improve profitability and brand recognition. Loumarc Signs has been creating custom signs in NJ and providing marketing solutions in Middlesex, Somerset counties & surrounding areas since 1994. Allow our team to help you create the ultimate indoor or outdoor sign! Call us at 908-575-4000 or contact us online now.

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