sign companyThink about any kind of signage that has ever made an impact on you. Whether you were driving down the highway, making a trip to the grocery store, or taking your dog for a walk, the signs that encouraged your business did more than just tell you what was being sold — they grabbed your attention and held it. If you want to have the same kind of effect on potential customers, you have to invest in a sign as a representation of your entire business; the following four components will ensure you do just that.

  • Be specific: Narrowcasting is the art of providing just the right message in just the right place and is heavily favored in business signage. Be sure to include pertinent information — such as location-specific instructions and relevant product details — but don’t lose yourself among the data, as the next aspect explains.
  • Simplicity: It may be kind of ridiculous, but people don’t like to read when they’re being advertised to. If you include too much text or info on your sign, you actually increase the odds of pushing customers away. Instead, create a message that can be absorbed and understood within five seconds; if you can’t narrow it down, use a series of signs instead of just one.
  • Text matters: Effective business signage utilizes a message hierarchy: headline, explanatory text, and a call to action. Try to take out the prepositions and extra words (which aids in both simplicity and specificity) to simplify the message without allowing it to be muddled among others.
  • Call to action: People may not like reading, but — surprisingly — they love being told what to do! Finishing your sign with a “call now!” or a “don’t wait!” encourages your customers to take action and step inside your store, or visit your website. Once they’re in the door, selling becomes effortless.

A Ketchum Global Research and Analytics group Survey shows that signage matters: 67% of respondents stated that business sign quality affected their purchases. Don’t take the risk of losing customers in the highly competitive world we live in; find a sign store or sign company that specializes in commercial signs and signs for businesses.If you would like to know the ten important questions to ask before selecting a sign company, download the PDF here.

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