Before joining the Loumarc team, Eddie was a business owner with an accounting background. Not only does he understand the inner workings of small businesses, but he’s also passionate about being of service. He brought his knowledge and experience into the sign industry in 2016. He came to us with a desire to grow in a more efficient and better-established environment, and moved to Loumarc Signs early in 2020, and has quickly proved his value to our customers.

Eddie shared, “The thing I love most about the sign business is the reaction of the customer once their sign is installed. We do great proofs but when the sign does get mounted, customers are blown away by the results!  They ALWAYS look so much more impressive once fabricated. For me, it is such a feeling of satisfaction no matter how small or large the project!”

While we enjoy and appreciate every single one of our amazing clients, Eddie distinctly remembers one of his favorite sign installations so far. “FOCUS was a reception area sign that was done for owner Peter Markham—they are a design company and he was blown away!” 

At Loumarc Signs, we are passionate about creating and servicing the highest quality signs. Whether you’re looking for a temporary event banner, a permanent corporate-branded sign, or something in between, we’re only satisfied when we know that you are. 

We have both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking staff that will help you with every aspect of creating the perfect custom sign for your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York business. To experience the Loumarc Difference firsthand, stop into our Hillsborough, NJ office, call us at 908-575-4000.

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