Every small business owner in New Jersey wants to know the rate of return for commercial signage. At Loumarc Signs, all of our signs are designed specifically for each customer guaranteeing them a sign that works the hardest for them. Our lead designer has over 20 years of experience and is well suited to create a sign that not only reflects a company’s brand but that is the most visible and appealing to the customer. Knowing how to create a sign that works hard for a small business is our specialty!

Saving on Cost, not on Impact

Some customers like Jason from Classic Window and Glass in Hillsborough, NJ come to us to get a full wrap for their vehicle. To provide the best direction for him, we explain that often it’s distracting when visual art overlaps with wording. Your signage becomes tough to read when the potential customer can’t easily spot the name, website, or phone number on a vehicle wrap. While it may attract attention when it drives by after it is gone a potential customer may not even remember the name of the company. So, we make experienced recommendations to wrap just part of their van with a combination of conventional cut vinyl and digitally imaged vinyl; they will get a better result for less money. They now have a powerful marketing tool and saved almost $3,000 listening to our suggestions.

“Thanks to Loumarc Signs out of Hillsborough, NJ the new Classic Window & Glass, llc van is all set and ready to serve. It was a pleasure to have worked with Larry and his team to come up with a beautiful layout of our van. Thanks guys!!” 

Customizations are Unlimited

When it comes to commercial buildings, there are many more types of channel letters today than just a few years ago. Currently, most customers are asking for a “halo” or “reverse” lit channel letter sign. We consult with each client to understand their goals, their audience, and their budget. Reverse lit channel letters may be more expensive than the traditional “front-lit” letters but may provide increased visibility in their unique location. We provide guidance and offer a range of products and services to meet virtually all your requirements. For a smaller retailer, who wants to grab as much attention as possible with your commercial sign, we suggest “Face lit” channel letters. They tend to be brighter and more colorful. 

Whether you need banners, vehicle graphics, or channel letters for your building’s facade, we can custom make them just for you. Discover the Loumarc Difference for yourself! Stop into our Hillsborough, NJ office or call us at 908-575-4000.

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