Let’s be honest: signs matter. Consumers will see a business sign between 50 and 60 times a month if they live within a five-mile radius of its location — this means that if it is poorly designed, it will actually deter new customers from exploring the business. Everything is based on first impressions these days, and signage is no different. Capturing consumers’ attention is important, but holding is vital to your success. One of the best ways to do that is with an innovative, three-dimensional design.


Custom Signs Done With Dimension

The 3D experience has truly taken off ever since James Cameron created his blockbuster Avatar. As technology advances, it becomes harder and harder to catch and keep someone’s attention. Three-dimensional signs offer an engaging experience to consumers far beyond the (literally) flat, dull ordeal provided by most new business advertisements.

Outdoor signs, in particular, tend to suffer from being uninteresting and overly simplified. For example, imagine how you’d feel if you saw a 3D billboard; you may not need what the company is advertising but you’d definitely remember its name, and might even end up telling others about it. That is step one to a profitable business — get people talking about what you offer and the money will come rolling in.


Professionalism With Personality

When done well, three-dimensional signs can communicate a business that is as elegant and put-together as it is professional. Design says a lot about a company, including those who run it. Signs are visual representations of your business; they need to embody everything your business stands for in a single, digestible image. Employing the right sign company to design and implement your brand new signage is vital to bridging the gap between what services and products you offer and your potential clients and customers.

Don’t take the chance on shoddy, basic custom signs. Even if you don’t want to spend the money, signage is an investment that pays for itself when news of your company garners attention and attracts new clientele. Find a reputable sign company today to make sure the public sees what you already know: that you are a serious business worth investigating.

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