Every business has signs. Whether on our websites and social media or in our lobbies or storefronts – inclusion starts with signs. Creating a space and a culture where everyone feels welcome and safe is important to us at Loumarc Signs but we know it’s important to so many of our clients as well. Here are some of the ways your company can create an inclusive workplace through signage. 

ADA Signs

ADA stands for  “The Americans with Disabilities Act” which was established in 1990 to ensure those with disabilities have the same access to opportunities in life and in employment. ADA signs comply with rules that make them the most accessible for everyone. Here are some of the rules we consider when designing your signage,

  • Non-glare backgrounds and characters
  • Easy-to-read typefaces
  • Tactile signs including braille
  • Use of accessibility symbols 

We can include these ADA features in illuminated signs, LED signs, acrylic signs, plaques, and more. If it’s your company’s mission to make sure everyone feels comfortable, then we believe you should consider how to make your facility as accessible as possible, starting with your signage.

Gender Inclusivity

Implementing gender-neutral wording and symbols in your bathroom signage is one way to create a safe environment for everyone who may be working or utilizing your facility. If you don’t already utilize this type of signage you can take a few simple steps to execute the change. First, ensure your leadership team understands the need to change your signage to ones with gender-affirming language, some options are,

  • All gender restroom
  • Restroom for All
  • Gender neutral restroom
  • This restroom may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression

Then, hold a meeting with your staff to educate them on the importance of this change and keep lines of communication open. Next, work with our team here at Loumarc Signs so we can take over the design process and leave you not only with a more inclusive workplace but also with signs that reflect your company’s mission.

Consider that there are people with all kinds of needs, and the more of them we can meet, the more inclusive our workspace is – and that’s important to us. The Loumarc Difference is embodied in our ability to offer a range of products and services to meet virtually all your requirements. To experience the Loumarc Difference firsthand, stop into our Hillsborough, NJ office, call us at 908-575-4000

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