As families in Somerset County and beyond go back to school it’s important that your small business is ready to be of service in a new way. Since 2020 we’ve all been figuring out how to operate safely and remotely and now it’s time to find an appropriate hybrid approach. We have some tools and ideas to help you make this back-to-school year your best yet!

Be Ready to Implement a New Approach 

While you’re getting used to how things have changed in the last year and a half, just be aware that they’re still changing. You can implement small changes, one thing at a time until you feel comfortable in a new routine. One of the best ways to make the best decisions for your customers is by asking them what they want or need from your business via customer surveys. 

Schedules are changing with school and work happening in person so it makes sense to touch base and ask some questions about how families’ new routines will impact them. Just by taking the time to reach out and ask you will already be making a difference for the patrons who love your company.

Make Sure You’re Easy to Find and Reach

We’re not all used to shopping in stores yet so while your customers adjust, consider updating your exterior signage. A fantastic way to brand your business is with the upscale and professional look of “Push through” acrylic signs. These signs get their name because the acrylic is actually pushed through the face of the sign. The result is a three-dimensional sign that’s easy to read. Additionally, you can add internal illumination giving it an elegant and well-lit appearance you can see day or night.

Depending on your industry, it could also be a great time to introduce SMS so your customers can reach you to ask questions or to make an order just by texting. Being able to be reached and stay in communication is more important than ever. There are many texting applications available or you can even use Google Voice to text, a free option!

Another great tool is social media. Use it to share your company’s updates, hours, ensure your location on Google maps is accurate, post content, and keep it as a channel to stay in touch and within reach of your customers. In fact, posting a photo of your location with your new push-through sign is the perfect way to use the space on your Facebook and LinkedIn cover photos. 

Be Ready and Be Resourceful
We are all much more aware of our need to be ready for anything. Make a list of your resources and contacts and start building relationships now. As a local business in Hillsborough, NJ, we are one of the many resources you can keep on your list. While we have a serious passion for high-quality products it’s our customers who we care about the most. The Loumarc Difference is the way we make meeting our customers’ needs the top priority. Give us a call at 908-575-4000 or send us an email so we can help ensure the 2021 back-to-school season is your best yet!

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