Dear Lou,

We’re a business based in New Jersey and will need a new exterior sign in the next six months. I’ve never purchased a business sign before. My boss wants me to do a little research so we know how much money to budget. Where do I begin? 


Thank you, Phil. That’s a question we get regularly. Most people selecting a sign for the first time feel the way you do. They’re usually more familiar with the price ranges of sports utility vehicles and smartphones than business signs. Customers are overwhelmed by the wide range of features and styles. They need a little guidance. And that’s why we’re here.

For first time buyers like yourself, we listen to you before we make any suggestions. It’s the most important step to determine the right sign for your business. We want to understand your wants. Are you striving for an image look? Are you expecting specific results like store traffic or brand awareness from your sign? Or do you simply want the best sign for your investment? We work at understanding what you’re trying to accomplish and help you select the right sign to achieve your goals.

The right sign is based on practicalities — bringing in customers, being highly visible, promoting your image and increasing awareness to your brand.

“Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in buying something super cheap or super pretty.” 

Let me help by sharing some insights about today’s popular signs.

The Simulated Stone Monument Sign

GAIA Park View


The 72 inches tall and 84 inches wide sign looks like real stone and can match stonework of buildings or landscape on the property. The sign conveys an impression of a solid, established business. The core of the structure is molded, expanded polystyrene with a urethane, impact-resistant hard coat shell. The finished surfaces are 100% aggregated acrylic that can be painted in a variety of colors. Extremely versatile, the monument sign can be integrated with a lighted sign, cut metal letters on the sign’s face or an electronic messaging center (EMC).

Simulated stone is highly durable and weatherproof, and less expensive than masonry work. People like the simulated stone feature for its ability to match the building’s materials or other landscape features and low maintenance for many years. It’s an excellent sign for the investment.

The Front Lit Channel Sign

The 20 inches tall x 120 inches wide sign is a superb choice for mom-and-pop retail and corporate stores. Constructed of high-grade, long-lasting aluminum, the sign features channel letters with aluminum sides and an acrylic face. The channel letters signs are attractive, greatly visible from a distance and front lit at night. These affordable, front lit signs have translucent, acrylic letters so the LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source inside the letters of the sign comes out through the front. LEDs are different from standard light bulbs. They last for many years, generate less heat and consume less energy. It’s one of the many ways we’re environmentally friendly. All our signs, including lighted channel letters, are built to code to withstand both snow and wind-load for the Northeast climate.

TRU Salon + Spa


The Halo Lit Channel Sign

MidJersey Orthopaedics


The 52 inches tall and 212 inches wide sign is a beautiful look and in demand today. As mentioned earlier, the signs are constructed of high-grade, long-lasting aluminum with channel letters.

What does “halo lit” mean? This sign’s channel letters differ in materials. The faces and sides are solid metal, but the back is translucent acrylic. The LEDs inside the sign are shining towards the wall instead of the front, so the light is radiating from the back, thereby giving a glowing light pattern, or halo effect, around the sign at night.

If you choose this sophisticated look, keep in mind the sign requires expert installation due to a specific application and heavier, thicker components. Our experienced installers install these channel signs regularly.

The Electronic Message Center Sign

The 4 foot tall and 6 foot wide double-sided sign is designed for organizations that value cutting-edge technology to easily and effectively communicate to the public. The electronic message center (EMC) on both sides is a variable message sign that uses a computer or other electronic controlled device to change and control the message displayed. Adding an EMC is a significant investment. EMC can be integrated with other sign types such as simulated stone monuments. People who select this sign appreciate the convenience of updating messages indoors and the countless ways to communicate with their community.

Calvary Bible Church


What’s included in the price of a sign?

  • Written 3 year warranty on carved or internally lighted signs — the only sign company in New Jersey to offer this guarantee.
  • On-site consultation with sales professionals, with an average of 14 years of experience. They will explain the best options within your budget.
  • Team member updates during the process of getting your new sign.
  • Technician visit to the site to verify information for a smooth installation.
  • Professional design by a sign graphic designer with over 20 years of experience who understands visibility requirements at different traffic speeds and distances.
  • Local codes checked before the design is created.
  • Detailed quote and full color rendering with clear specifications.
  • Management of the entire permit process. We gather the required documents, which may include the property owner’s signed agreement, a licensed surveyor’s site plan, sealed plans by a licensed engineer, a special committee review application (such as planning board or special improvement district), a zoning application form, a building application form, an electrical application form and drawings of your sign.
  • Commercial grade materials, predominantly aluminum, that will meet or exceed strength, durability and color-retention suited for the Northeast climate.
  • Installation by our own safety-conscious installers, with 23 years of sign installation experience.
  • Delivery and installation using company-owned trucks.

To determine the budget of your exterior business sign, you need to consider your company’s business goals, the type of sign, and the sign company’s capabilities. We make the process easy with our products and services, and it certainly helps that we’ve been creating and installing signs since 1994. We’re here when you’re ready.

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