outdoor signsIt has been statistically proven that business signage matters: 67% of survey respondents said that the quality of a business sign affected their purchases. Your sign is your business — it is the first thing people notice and can make the difference between securing their business and having them pass you by. If you’re looking to open a new business, ensuring your custom signs have these features is vital to your success.

Your Sign Should Be:


  • Bold: Imagine you’re driving along the highway when suddenly you see it: those massive, golden arches. You may not have even been hungry, but now you have an intense craving for some nuggets and fries, all because of that singular image that caught your attention. Your outdoor signs don’t need to be as large as Micky D’s (or as iconic; it took them decades to become that recognizable), but they do need to be bold enough to garner potential customers’ attention. Bold does not mean garish, but depending on your business and the type of services you offer, you could certainly go wild and have some fun with the design.


  • Bright: Neon signs have seen a resurgence in recent years, with many people attaching the impossible-to-miss light to nostalgia from their youth. You can benefit from this emotional connection and play it to your advantage. Even if it’s a simple “OPEN” sign, people notice brightness and will pay more attention to whatever you are displaying or advertising on or in your windows.


  • High Quality: You want to make a good impression and convince customers that your business is professional and respectable. High quality outdoor signs will get that message across, especially if they are weather-resistant and maintain their condition through even the toughest of storms. Remember, the trick is to show the foundation of your business as being a worthwhile venture for potential customers.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you need to act serious. Invest in a high quality, eye-catching sign — the return on investment will become tangible as the display gets their feet in your door, allowing you the time and energy to do the rest. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry: there’s a sign company out there that can do all of this work for you!

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